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TAU is a constantly evolving company with a history of over 40 years and an eye always turned to the future.

For two generations, innovation and research have been an integral part of our DNA. Bruno Danieli's project began in a garage, with few resources and many insights. The history of TAU is a testimony of stubbornness, instinct and passion which, step by step, invention after invention, has allowed us to grow constantly. In 2010, Bruno's children, Loris, Ilaria and Mirco, took the helm of the company, taking over from Mr Bruno, who passed away in 2017. Despite this, the founder's imprint continues to permeate the company philosophy, inspiring a bold spirit and oriented towards constant experimentation.

Each TAU product represents the application of the most sophisticated technologies to an idea, with the aim of simplifying everyday life. Furthermore, all TAU solutions are compatible with various home automation systems.
Our mission is to achieve total quality, carefully following every stage of the production chain, up to the testing of each individual product.

TAU products combine functionality and aesthetics, with technology working behind the scenes of an eye-catching design.

Therefore they are ideal for insertion in different contexts without affecting the harmony of spaces designed with care and refinement.
This is the signature of Italian Style, a characteristic appreciated internationally, and the Made in Italy brand is recognized as synonymous with innovation and art. The search for beauty applied to the object does not stop at the surface, but translates into ergonomics, practicality of use and harmony with the original function of the technology.

Today, we own a 4500 m² production plant and a very modern management headquarters inaugurated in 2010. However, we remain faithful to the values ​​of authenticity and craftsmanship that have motivated Bruno Danieli since the beginning and which are still an integral part of our vision today.

At the same time, technology, experimentation and research and development activities are the means through which TAU has been able to give continuity to a project that has radically transformed, anticipating the new needs of a constantly evolving market.

40° TAU 1981-2021


The technology must be not only advanced, but also safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.

TAU systems are conceived as tools at the service of people. Their use is characterized by guaranteed peace of mind thanks to sophisticated prevention systems integrated into all our products. These systems have been tested for years in our laboratories and the know-how of our technicians, combined with continuous tests in extreme conditions, forms the basis for making our systems suitable for any situation.

The rigorous design and meticulous testing of our products represent a guarantee of safety for those who use them every day. This control extends not only to the mechanical construction of the components, but also to the entire production process.

TAU, in fact, also represents the quality of work and the attention dedicated to the human resources involved in the development of our business. Our automation solutions are the result of constant research oriented towards excellence, with particular attention to all aspects and in full respect of the Made in Italy style.

The selection of raw materials follows a rigorous protocol aimed at guaranteeing standards of the highest level. Each phase of the production process is conducted using advanced mechanical tools and methods, following a philosophy that has always aimed at constant improvement. The result is a harmonious combination of quality, efficiency and design.

Tau srl.
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